Why Patients Must Be Taking Alternatives To Prescription Drugs

By Iva Cannon

Most people suffer from different medical conditions. They experience several symptoms, such as headaches, body pains, nausea, vomiting, and others. These symptoms typically prevent them to do their daily chores. For this, they consult their doctors and ask for their assistance.

These doctors typically know how to extend their help to their patients. They usually prescribe different medicines to them. However, some medical professionals would rather provide recommendations that the patients should use alternatives to prescription drugs.

The symptoms felt by the patients are eased by certain chemicals contained in the drugs. However, dependence can be caused by these medicines to the patients. These products can be abused and lead to addiction. More complicated conditions may occur. Instead, these substitutes can be utilized by the patients to have some symptoms eased.

Statins are used by patients who have high cholesterol levels. The enzymes produced by the liver to make cholesterols are blocked by statins. At times, good cholesterols are also blocked. For this, the diets of the individuals should be changed, instead. Food that could naturally lower bad cholesterols should be consumed, such as dark chocolate, red wine, olive oil, garlic, oats, and others.

A woman aged fifty years and above could be having hypothyroid. She could be taking levothyroxine sodium for her condition. For this, she should be checking for iron deficiency in her diet. She must be consulting an ENT specialist for her condition and taking in supplements for her to be increasing iron in her body, like iodide tablets.

People consider diabetes as a silent killer. Most people do not know that they have diabetes. Those with sedentary lifestyles typically have greater risks to acquire this condition. For those who already suffer from this disease, they usually take metformin HCL and other diabetic medications. However, they can increase their exercise levels. They should perform workouts regularly and produce a lot of sweat. They should adopt healthy diets and exercise regimens. This way, their muscles can become more responsive to insulin and better absorb glucose for energy consumption.

Persons who suffer from anxiety consume alprazolam. Women are most likely to develop this disease. Psychologists will suggest that their patients write down their anxious experiences. This way, they will know their behaviors and identify the triggers of their feelings. Once they identify these causes, their psychologists will be able to suggest ways on how they can change their attitudes.

A lot of people find it hard to sleep at night. They usually count sheep on their mind and hope that they will doze off. However, most of them usually take zolpidem tartrate for their insomnia. However, they can replace this drug with the hormone melatonin, instead. The pineal gland releases this hormone and the patients can also buy this over the counter. They should take about half a gram of melatonin for a good sleep.

Sertralize HCL is taken by women with depression. However, more fish should be eaten by them instead. Anti depressant effect is possessed by fish oil. Omega 3 which is good for their hearts is also present. One teaspoon daily of cod liver oil should be taken. If fish is not desired by them, walnuts, flax, green and also leafy vegetables can be eaten, instead.

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