An Overview For Those Who Want To Learn Holy Fire Reiki Portland Oregon

By Zora P. Hays

Reiki is the very famous art of using the power of internal energy to heal the physical and the emotional issues of a human being. Now a higher level version of this art has also become popular in the last few years and this version is known as the Usui system or simply Holy Fire. Now if one is interested in to learn holy fire reiki portland oregon, then he should know a few things about it first.

Now the first thing that one should know is that this version is a higher level version which means that it is definitely more effective. Another thing that he should know is that the energy used in this version is both strong and gentle at the same time. Of course it will take someone with a very high level of energy to pull it off.

Now if one would attend a class, he would first have to go through the basic lessons before he can move on to the level of Usui. He will be learning the basic hand positions, how to heal physical injuries on himself, and also how to use energy to make himself more positive. From there, he will also learn how to transfer energy to other people and how to do distant healing.

Once one has already finished all the basics, then he can move on to the Usui variation. Now first of all, he will be learning first the Usui attunement which is supposed to strengthen his energy further. In other words, if he already has strong energy, this new system that he will learn will further strengthen his internal energy.

Of course in the second stage, one will be learning the more advanced symbols for healing people. Of course these symbols are somewhat difficult to use but they are definitely more effective for healing conditions. Now one can a practitioner that has passed the basic classes can go ahead and learn these symbols.

Once one has already finished the advanced lessons, then the next would be the third level of lessons. Of course when he would learn the master techniques, then he will eventually become a master of the Usui attunement. It is also in this stage that he will be doing a lot of practicing.

So for those who would want to know more about the system, here are a few things that he should know about. He must know that it will take long before he can become a master. If one is born with the gift, then he can definitely have an easier time.

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