How You Can Engage In Simple Self Healing Techniques Depression

By Lelia Hall

Robin Williams happened to be amazing as a comedian and actor. Yet we lost him to depression. Many people are afflicted with depression bouts. It involves a cycle that is hard to get out of. You can use self healing techniques depression healing specifically, whenever you need to. You can use acupuncture, Chinese herbal techniques or yoga. The key is in the treatment of your spirit, mind and body.

The first area a person should investigate while seeking self healing solutions is their overall health status. Finding out if one is eating the right healthy foods to provide requisite nutrients the body needs is crucial. Some mineral deficiencies contribute to depression and anxiety. Different bodies behave differently but magnesium and calcium are required to fight the malady. Supplements are readily available as well as Chinese herbal formulas that specifically target anxiety and depression.

For self healing, exercise is paramount. You body craves making movements. It is not designed for a sedentary lifestyle. The apt exercise regimen varies from one individual to another. Starting with a light but short walk three times every week is advised. You could stretch your body for about fifteen minutes each day as light music plays. You could also choose a strong cardio accompanied by fast paced music.

Loving yourself or having a lot of self interest is good for you if you are suffering from despair. You have got to view yourself as a very amazing person. If you do not do this, you will descend into a bout of depression. Remember that Robin Williams was viewed as a very amazing person. He thought otherwise and ended up committing suicide.

A good way to counter melancholy is the use of affirmations. Every day, either before going off to bed or on waking up in the early morning, a person should repeat to them self: I do love myself. I am a loved person. I am very happy. I am quite healthy. This may sound rather silly or hard but a patient should not be daunted. They should say the words quietly alone or loudly in front of a mirror.

This mantra should be repeated no less than three times each session. It does not matter if the person does not believe the words. They just have to continue doing so for at least a week. A person may also make up their own mantra that would feel right to them. These include: I work hard. I am loving individual. I am a very successful businessman. It shall depend entirely on what resonates best. With time, the positive effects to be derived from this will become apparent.

These are only three techniques representing the most basic means one could exploit as they engage themselves to healing against depression. There are numerous other procedures out there you could look for. Examples include acupuncture, oriental supplements and herbal extracts. What ever situation you may be in remember you should not endure it alone.

However, should one suffer from depression and feel that they can endure no longer; they should immediately seek professional help. They need to consult their doctor urgently. They should seek a person they trust and speak to them freely about their own feelings. This way, depression can be checked.

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