Health Issues Regarding EGF Skin Cream

By Iva Cannon

Skincare products commercially available are believed to have benefits on the skin in ways that are almost too impossible to believe. It is true that there had been a lot of positive feedbacks regarding these products based on testimonials. This is largely because of the formulas being put into these products by the manufacturers. The sad truth is that they could also have side effects on the body.

Genetic engineering has been one of the ways in which to acquire biochemicals used for the formulation of such products. One of the genetic engineering techniques used to formulate the EGF skin cream is through transgenic farming. EGF stands for Epidermal Growth factor. Its main function is to increase the ability of the skin to replenish and reconstruct its cells to make the skin look younger.

Numerous scientists have already made studies outlining the dangers of transgenic farming, This involves planting plants using genetic engineering. They are developed in order to contain biochemicals that the plants do not naturally have. There are different risk listed in the studies.

It is possible that they can become contaminated especially if they are pollinated with the transgenic plants. Consequently, they will affect animals and humans who are the final participants of the food chain. If this poses a health issue just through pollination, it could cause great health issues when applied to the body.

The EGF is a cytokine composed of many cells that communicate with one another. Furthermore, they are growth factors which allow the growth of the epidermis. The name itself implies that it is capable of growing and reconstructing the cellules of the epidermis and the dermis.

Thus, manufactures have insisted that this has a good effect especially on adult men and women who have wrinkles. The product has the ability to tighten the skin, consequently removing those unwanted wrinkles. However, this is not an anti aging product and it does not concentrate solely on the removal of wrinkles.

The characteristic of the product which is to boost cell growth is a factor that actually disturbs most scientists. This can be a serious threat and can cause cancer. The fact that it proliferates cellules, it can possibly multiply cancer cells as well. Although there is no direct effect, it poses a bigger threat to those who have cancer histories in the family.

If it has the capability to grow a number of different cellules in the body, it can also increase the risks of cancer, although not directly. It is highly recommended to report any sign of derma illness immediately to the dermatologist. Otherwise, you will never know that it is already too late.

Thus, to be safe, use those skincare products that are mild. Ask your dermatologist which moisturizer, lotion, or cream is best suited to your skin type. Expert opinion is highly recommended before trying out a new product for yourself. Another thing is, ageing cannot be stopped no matter how much you try. But you can start living a healthier and more active life.

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