Various Eczema Remedies For Face

By Lelia Hall

Skin is the largest organ of the body and the most accessible. Many ailments can develop in the organ, including the skin disease called eczema. This term described multiple medical problems that can arise, making the skin inflamed or irritated. People might search around for eczema remedies for face.

Atopic dermatitis is the name for the most common kind of eczema. The word atopic refers to a number of diseases that are known to produce other allergic responses in the body, including hay f ever and asthma. Eczema impacts people worldwide, both old and young. Infants with this disease may outgrow it before adulthood. Still, some with have symptoms that go on and off throughout their lives. The disease is controllable through treatment.

There are symptoms associated with this problem. Perhaps the most common is itchiness. This almost always is present. Sometimes it will itch before a rash appears, but once the rash is present, it is usually on the face, or the back of the wrists, knees, feet and hands. It might develop in other parts of the body too. This disease is marked by scaly, dry and thickened skin.

People who are fair-skinned may notice reddish areas that later turn brown. On dark-skinner people, this condition can impact pigmentation, making it darker or lighter. Infants with this can develop an itchy rash that oozes and crusts. This is most common on the scalp and face, but patches can appear almost anywhere on the body.

It is still unknown what causes eczema. However, there is belief that it is tied to the overactivity of the immunity system. Its over-response to an irritant is what causes these symptoms. Many times this is a problem in families with history of allergies or asthma. A lot of people experience what they call flare ups, which are when the problem is worsened by substances and conditions, including stress.

No cure is available. Many people, with help from professionals, are able to manage the disease through various treatments and remedies. Each case will differ. Some people might require a specific approach to care based on their condition. Usually, the goal for treatment is to relieve and prevent itching, which could lead to infection. The skin is so itchy and dry that various lotions and creams can be helpful at offering nourishment to the affected areas. These should be applied when the skin is still damp, following bathing, so that moisture can be retained.

Cold compresses applied to the area can reduce itching. People who have this problem should not pick or scratch the areas. This can cause scarring, infection and other issues, especially on the face. There are medicines available over the counter that can reduce inflammation. Likewise, doctors may prescribe antibiotics for patients with infections. Antihistamines, phototherapy, cyclosporine and tar treatment are other options for care.

Natural remedies might also help. Coconut oil can prevent pain and itching, and moisturize dry skin. Sea sprays are helpful when the problem involves oozing or wetness. Others may benefit from fermented cod liver, probiotics, gelatin-rich foods and magnesium baths. Do research and experiment to find the best solutions.

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