A List Of Some Of The Best Multi Strain Probiotic Supplements

By Lelia Hall

Probiotics were discovered to be very important to the digestion and overall immunity of a person because the body needs good bacteria in order to combat the bad ones inside the body. In fact, Australian doctors agree that if a patient would take an antibiotic, he has to make sure that he takes probiotics during the course. So for those who would want to improve their health, here are some of the best multi strain probiotic supplements out there in the market.

Now for the past decades, a lot of research has been put into finding out the best combinations of good bacteria for the body. Of course there are many strains of bacteria but each of them have their own specific function. It is because of this that scientists would often mix different kinds of beneficial bacteria into one capsule.

Now probably one of the most popular in the market would be GNC probiotics. Of course this is popular because of the brand name of GNC. Now this product is known to have 16 different kinds of bacteria inside with a 25 billion CFU or bacteria count in every capsule.

Of course another brand of probiotics would be Nexabiotic which instead of 16 strains, has 21 strains that would come from different kinds of fermentation processes. Of course this one has quite a high bacteria count reaching up to 30 million CFU in one capsule. This is in fact known to be a very famous brand in the west.

Of course in the East, there is a different philosophy that scientists would follow when they would create their own probiotics. Now unlike the ones in the west, the east believes that having a lower CFU but more effective strains will help the human body better. This is such with the Osumex LB17 which is a probiotic supplement that creates lactic acid bacteria from fermentation of fruits and vegetables.

Of course aside from Osumex, there is another well known brand that comes from Japan known as OMX. Now as compared to Osumex, this one would have 12 strains of bacteria with a special type of bacteria that comes from tempeh which is a fermented Malaysian dish. Of course the bacteria count or CFU of OMX probiotics is 1 million only as compared to the billion count in most supplements.

When Dr. Ohhira split up with his Malaysian business partner Dr. Eddie Lim, Mr. Lim further enhanced the product by putting in 4 more strains of bacteria to the 12. In order to make his product more superior, he put in a bacteria found from the gastrointestinal tract of a human. His company, which he named Pan OMX, then named his creation as the second generation probiotics.

So if one would want to try probiotics, then he may buy some of these products. Now if one would want a good and affordable product, the first two would be a good buy. However, if one would really want something that is of really high quality and is very specialized, the last three are the ones to choose from.

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