Stuart Millheiser: Can Green Tea Prevent ALS?

By Jason McDonald

When it comes to the healthiest beverages that can be imagined, green tea ranks highly. Virtually anyone can attest to this sentiment, especially if they are fans of this particular drink. One of the many reasons so many people take to it is the nutritional value associated with it, but did you know that it stands the chance of preventing the onset of ALS? For those who are curious about details, here are just a few that the likes of Stuart Millheiser can tell you about.

If you'd like to know why green tea is seen as such a healthy beverage, you should recognize antioxidants at the onset. For those who do not know, these substances are meant to keep cells healthy, ensuring that they are kept intact for the long term. Antioxidants are found in other products as well - blueberries and dark chocolate being just a few examples - but there is specific element that might play into the prevention of ALS. For this reason, green tea should be looked into.

A Natural News article spoke about the impact of green tea, focusing on aspects like EGCG. If you didn't know, this is a green tea polyphenol that can increase the body's number of T-cells, meaning that the body could theoretically become more effective at suppressing autoimmune conditions. Needless to say, ALS would be included in this discussion. Of course, other details must be covered, and assistance from Stuart Millheiser can render them that much clearer.

Natural News spoke about a study that was done in the medical journal entitled Immunology Letters. Scientists came to the conclusion that EGCG found in green tea played into the increase of T-cells, particularly found in the spleen and lymph nodes. Even though this might not have a direct impact on DNA, the fact that there is an impact to be made cannot be overlooked. As a matter of fact, it's more worthwhile information that Stuart Millheiser and others can highlight.

One of the best ways to stay healthy, according to Stuart Millheiser and others, is to eat right. Antioxidants matter, which is why the intake of green tea and other such products is recommended. Not only will these be able to aid your body's immune system for the long term, but they can present a number of tastes to boot. Even though ALS is a serious condition that requires medical attention, it would appear as though this can be prevented.

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